Papilloma: types, causes, diagnostic features and treatment

Papilloma is a papillary outgrowth on the skin or mucous membranes for women and men. The tumors are mostly benign nature, but some strains cause the growth of cancer tumors. If desired, one can view photos of warts in women and men, to compare the appearance of the tumor with those appendages, which are on the face and body.

Color papillomatous formations can be Nude, red, brown. Genital warts are often brown in color and kind of cockscomb.

Many people know how to look like a papilloma, but are shy or do not consider it necessary to refer to specialists. Often papillomatous formations appear on the genitals. Need to refer to the venereal diseases scares many people. This and related late start of treatment of warts in women and men.


Malignancy viral warts is possible, especially if they are located on the genital mucosa. Even if the warts on your photo does not match with the existing tumors, you should still contact the experts for accurate diagnosis.

Types of warts

HPV can be of the following types:

  • ordinary or vulgar warts;
  • threadlike;
  • flat;
  • genital warts;
  • plantar warts;
  • juvenile warts.

The exact type of papillomas can install only the attending physician. It is recommended to turn to professionals when detected, the characteristic outgrowths on the skin and mucous tissues.

The ordinary papilloma

Ordinary warts called vulgar warts. This kind of tumors is widely spread among the young and middle age. Most often, these tumors appear on the fingers. Contribute to the growth of common warts skin damage, fungal diseases and constant contact with aggressive domestic funds.

The ordinary papilloma

Vulgar warts are small in size, towering above the skin. Tumors are usually flesh-colored. Warts pose no threat to health if not damaged during hygienic measures when performing domestic work. Active growth of warts is an indication for their removal.

Filiform papillae

Filiform warts are growths on a thin stalk that resemble narrow columns. There are growths in the armpits, on the neck, under the Breasts and face.

If the damage filiform papillae become inflamed, may cause intermittent bleeding. The color of bodily tumors. Experts recommend to remove filiform warts by using laser or cryotherapy, especially if the skin growths robust growth and damage.

Flat papillomas

Flat warts — warts is a classic slightly yellow, which appear on the face, body skin and feet. Unable to grow rapidly on the background of frequent damage, tend to become inflamed and cause itching.

Flat papilloma

Due to the discomfort of flat papillomas is recommended to remove it surgically, while the tumors are small size. Large growths in the skin have to excise with a scalpel.

Genital warts

A favorite place of localization of genital warts — genital and groin area. Genital warts appear after unprotected sex. A distinctive feature of tumors is the active growth. Small genital papillomas tend to merge and education sites that have vague outlines and bumpy surface. Large genital warts are often damaged, causing the accession of secondary infection.

Important! Anogenital warts cannot be ignored. Some strains of HPV that trigger hyperplasia of the mucosa of the genitals, can cause the growth of malignant tumors.

To remove genital warts best laser which vaporizes the layers of the abnormal cells, leaving scar deformity and without breaking the functionality of adjacent tissues.

Plantar warts

Plantar warts are located on feet. Look in the form dense growths that can cause pain during walking.

Plantar wart

Tumors of this type often disappear on their own, but mainly in childhood. Plantar warts can be confused with calluses, which, in contrast to papillomas, have a pretty smooth surface.

Juvenile warts

Papilloma juvenile type are rare. Their sick children preschool age. Infection occurs during natural childbirth, if the mother in the genital area are genital warts. The child papillomas may appear on the oral mucosa, hitting the vocal cords to cause impairment of respiratory function. To avoid such adverse effects, it is recommended to carry out surgical treatment immediately after the detection of juvenile warts.

A rare sight of papillomas include warts Lewandowski-Lucca. Sick children and adolescence. On the hands and feet of the child appear dark brown warts. They can be malignant, if you delay the surgical treatment.

Giant condyloma Buske-Levenshtein

Giant condyloma Buske-Levenshtein is carcinomatosa genital wart, which is characterized by active growth, tendency to recur even after complete removal. The tumor destroys healthy tissue, able to transform into squamous cell carcinoma.

This feature requires a thorough diagnosis and urgent appeals to specialists in the appearance of the first symptoms of such tumors.

Clinical manifestations of giant condyloma

Giant warts can appear both in young and in old age. It often appears on the genitals. A popular place for localization — the penis. Men are affected more often than women. Giant condyloma refers to precancerous diseases. Lack of personal hygiene, the damaging effects of external factors and reduced immunity can accelerate minimizatio tissues.

The disease develops over several months. First the skin appear small papillae tend to merge. Eventually they form one large condyloma. It has various growths in the sides with visible grooves. The tumor is covered with the visible dead areas. Giant warts tend to hurt underwear. Damage of the tumor is possible during intimate contacts. Between the grooves accumulates a secret that begins to smell bad. This creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of infectious agents and the formation of purulent discharge.

Giant warts

Giant warts appear most often on the glans penis or in the coronal sulcus. In women such warts are localized on the labia and the urinary system. The tumor grows slowly, but affects deep tissues, which can lead to reproductive disorders in the future. But the most threatening complication is the development of squamous cell carcinoma.

Examination in a giant condyloma

If you suspect HPV in the genital area is necessary to address to the venereologist. The specialist will prescribe the PCR diagnosis and determine the specific strains of HPV. Giant warts must be differentiated from papillomatosis, secondary syphilis. Be sure to conduct a histological examination, which allows to exclude malignant pathology.

Treatment of giant papillae

Giant warts in the genital area is removed with a scalpel. It is extremely important as soon as possible to conduct an operation for the prevention of cancer. Additionally, it is recommended to carry out the procedure to minimise the risk of exacerbation of tumors in the future.

Surgical methods of treatment usually combined with antiviral and immune-boosting ways. Experts believe that it is necessary to take interferon orally and topically. This will improve the overall efficiency of the treatment process.

The main principles of treatment

Treatment of warts in women and men specialist selects individually. If HPV is detected before the appearance of clinical manifestations, prescribe cytostatics. This helps to prevent the activation of HPV within the next few years. The asymptomatic HPV infection is not a reason to refuse treatment. Recommended even in the absence of clinical manifestations, diagnosis and regularly use barrier contraception to prevent infection of sexual partners.

Classic combat warts on any parts of the body and on the genitals is surgery. Today specialists offer minimally invasive techniques, including laser coagulation. Safe ways to remove warts is to solve the problem of benign neoplasms triggered by the activation of body viral particles.

With small tumors it is possible to use chemical methods of destruction. A single application of corrosive compounds on the skin, papillomatous outgrowths leads to irreversible consequences and destruction of tumors.

But the removal of warts does not fully solve the problem of human papillomavirus infection. It is important to act on the virus itself, which is inside of the body. To stop the growth of abnormal tissue by using antiviral drugs. The tool suppresses the further increase in the population of the pathogen and has a stimulating effect on the immune system.

Immune stimulation

Immunity the appearance of papillomas often weakened. This is one of the distinguishing features of human papillomavirus infection. HPV downregulates the activity of defensive cells, which further provokes hyperplasia of the superficial layers of the skin.

A comprehensive treatment of warts includes the use of immunostimulatory drugs. They often also have anti-inflammatory and antiviral activity. The combined effect of the means allows to achieve the highest possible activity of the applied treatment and reduce the number of relapses per year.

Immune stimulation

Immunomodulators in human papillomavirus infection must appoint a qualified person who picks up the individual scheme of drug therapy. Among the adjuvants in the first place come drugs interferonum, which may have different dosage forms, including vaginal suppositories.

Interferonum in the form of gel and ointments effective in the initial stages of growth of papillomas. If tumors are many and they are intensely merge with each other, local media can not do. It is necessary to conduct complex systemic therapy, which includes interferon in the form of tablets or even injections.

Herbal Immunostimulants

Advantage of vegetable immunostimulatory drugs is natural. But to achieve rapid immunity with their help, will not succeed. Herbal medicines have a cumulative effect. Common immunostimulating product with natural composition is Echinacea. On the basis of this plant manufactured a variety of medicines, which are used for several months.

Detection of even a few warts is a troubling sign. This may indicate a weakening of the natural protective forces of the body. You need to pay attention primarily on the immune status. To strengthen it, including through the correction of the diet. Used products must contain rich amounts of vitamins and microelements, organic acids and antioxidants. For the strength of immunity is useful to use bee products, ginseng, rose hips, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Minimally invasive surgical treatment

Minimally invasive removal of papillomas is very popular, mainly due to the high cosmetic effect. The use of modern methods allows to get rid of tumors of small and medium size virtually bloodless. Rapid tissue healing leaves no scars, and other noticeable appearance defects.

Removal of papillomas

But despite the high effectiveness of modern surgical methods of getting rid of papillomatous outgrowths have certain limitations and contraindications:

  • the presence of malignant tumors;
  • aggressive growth of papillomas and viral warts;
  • joining a secondary infection, the appearance of signs of inflammation;
  • the presence of herpes;
  • any worsening of somatic diseases and infectious processes;
  • pregnancy.

Contraindications to the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques are identified during the preparatory phase, when specialists conduct comprehensive laboratory tests, consultations of specialists.

When to remove papillomas

Papillomas can be removed without complaints about the state, even if the tumor is very small and does not threaten health. Skin growths is a defect from which many people want to get rid of.

The main indications for removal of papillomas:

  • the location of tumors in a place where they are often damaged and inflamed under the influence of adverse external factors (temperature changes, humidity, friction of garments);
  • the active growth of papillomatous growths on the skin or mucous membranes of genitals, mouth;
  • violation of function of normal tissues as a result of the growth of papillomas;
  • high risk of malignancy, detection of potentially dangerous strains of HPV;
  • planning pregnancy, during which there is hormonal changes the body, promotes rapid growth of benign and malignant neoplasms.

If the doctor advises to get rid of warts, is to listen to his opinion. Every year the number of malignant tumors is growing, and it is an alarming fact. It is better to remove a benign tumor on time, because none of the doctors can not accurately say that over time, HPV does not turn into cancerous tumors.

Laser photocoagulation

Using a laser to remove the papilloma can affect any part of the body, on the face and in the genital area. The method offers maximum efficiency and safety. The laser vaporizes layers of abnormal cells, leaving the bleeding vessels. After removal there is a small crust that will be cut off gradually over several weeks.

Scarless healing is the main advantage of using this method. Many refuse surgical treatment only due to the fact that I'm afraid of the deterioration of the external condition of the skin on exposed parts of the body and face. Papillomas are prone to relapses, to prevent that you can use antiviral drugs immunocorrective drugs.


The freezing of warts using liquid nitrogen low temperature is almost not inferior to the popularity of the method of laser coagulation.


Active agent is applied to the tumor with an applicator. Due to the instantaneous freezing of the tumor is rarely white but then there is hyperemia with slight edema. The area covered by a dense crust, under which begins the process of epithelialization. Nekrotizirovannye plots are gradually replaced by healthy tissue. In this case, the skin does not remain scarring.


Removal of papillomas with the use of electric current is available and proven method of surgical treatment. The electrocoagulator not only cuts away the tumor, but also seals the blood vessels and capillaries, prevents the release of blood from the damaged vascular walls. Electrocoagulation are recommended in combination with immunostimulatory therapy and antiviral drugs.

Radiowave treatment

Radio waves provide for removal of benign tumors with minimal injuries. During the procedure of radiolog coagulates vessels. In combination with antiviral therapy, the method provides highly efficient results. Immunostimulating drugs are prescribed with frequent recurrences of papillomas and General weakening of the body.

The use of a cytotoxic drug

A drug that is often used to remove warts in women and men. The tool contains a complex of acids. Additionally, the composition includes a nitrate of copper, which dries the tissue of genital warts, papillomas and warts.

The tool allows you to safely remove small tumors. The drug is not suitable for processing of large papillomas and warts. After treatment, the tumor dries up. If papilloma single, just a single use. In case of multiple papillomatous outgrowths required to do several applications. Break between treatments should be at least a week. Gradually tissue tumors are covered by a dense crust, which disappears in a few days.

Processed papilloma

Restoration coverage is fast. Scars on the skin remains. Large warts and papillomas are gradually reduced in size, but usually to get their full extinction only with a single drug fails.

The final destruction papillomavirus impossible. Treatment is aimed first and foremost at getting rid of the main signs of the disease and prevent recurrence in the future. Removal of tumors does not preclude the transmission of HPV to the contact persons, who often already have human papillomavirus infection in a latent form. The greatest danger of HPV are for people with an adverse family history, when among close relatives there are cases of cervical cancer and other malignant pathologies.

It is important to pay attention to the prevention of recurrence of papillomas. It must include the periodic use of interferons in the background of regular life. Avoid casual sexual relations, use a barrier method of contraception that protect against HPV infection and its most aggressive forms of genital warts. Girls and women up to 45 years can be vaccinated. Vaccinations are available in almost all regions. In many areas they do today, for free. Vaccination can start from 9 years.