How to remove warts folk remedies and medications in the home

The appearance of warts on the body can be caused by a weakened immune system of the person, and harmful habits, prolonged exposure to sunlight and improper hygiene. To remove papillomas may medical by or in the home.

What not to do on your own?

Features removal of papillomas

Is strictly prohibited cutting unwanted growths regular knife blade, scissors or razor blade. It is fraught with hit in a wound infection, and, in the worst case — perhaps even the development of skin cancer.

Warts on the delicate skin of the eyelids, in the mouth and on the mucous membranes of the nose are removed only under the supervision of a dermatologist. Other growths can be dried on their own, so they withdrew from the skin as dead cells. Thus, it is important to observe caution and precision, that the procedures do not have any scars and burns.

Features removal of papillomas, depending on places on the body

When removing warts yourself at home, you must consider the place of occurrence of the unwanted build-up. They can be located on the face, neck, feet, arms, intimate areas, close to the mucous membranes of the body.

Home methods are successfully used to remove papillomas on the soles and hands, where the skin is rougher and is able to recover faster after wounds. At the same time, the rapid recovery is facilitated by the simultaneous adoption of antiviral and immunostimulatory drugs.

Bath with horse chestnut

The fruits of horse chestnut is rich in healing substances. They are able to reduce the inflammation and swelling, increase blood circulation. Ripe chestnuts are harvested in September, washed and dried in a dark place for further use.

Chestnut infusion has been successfully used at home to add to the mud baths, which are recommended by dermatologists in the fight against warts.

The steps in the procedure are the following:

  1. Chestnuts need to clean and wash;
  2. Half fill a clean bucket with the fruit and add boiling water;
  3. Give the infusion to soak for at least 10 hours;
  4. Next, you need to strain the mixture and pour it into the bath filled with water to a comfortable body temperature.

Treatment must be repeated every 2-3 days for 20 minutes. After 2 weeks of papillomas will dry up and fall off.

Bath with phenol

Phenol will help to destroy the protein structure of HPV. The solution is intended for outdoor use and spot treatment growths. On the hands and feet before beginning the procedure it is necessary to soften the skin in a warm bath. The drug is strictly prohibited for treatment of warts on the intimate places of the mucous membranes and skin.

Celandine against warts

Celandine against warts

Unwanted build-up can burn celandine. It is important to be careful in this procedure and not to allow the juice of the plant on healthy skin. The area around the papilloma sealed with plaster.

Juice from the stem of the plant growth must be treated daily until complete disappearance of tumors. For the treatment of papilloma blackens and disappears. The effect is achieved by the effect of the substance chelidonine, which burns the wart. After exposure, the skin may remain small scar.


This method involves the use of the green unripe nuts. They need to finely grind using a blender or grinder. Then they are laid out in a glass dish and poured kerosene.

The mixture should infuse for three weeks in the refrigerator. Thereafter, the slurry is filtered and drained and the resulting liquid is poured into a suitable container. It is used for making gauze compresses applied to the affected skin for half an hour.

The gauze during the procedure, periodically moisten again. The treatment is carried out every evening. After a week of papillomas reduced, and the two disappear.

Chicken eggs

Small warts can be treated with chicken protein. For this purpose a cotton swab to collect the protein from the shell of the broken eggs and oil build-up. Carry out the procedure several times a day during the month.

Treatment for suit and shell. It is dried in the oven for 20 minutes and grind. Egg powder fall asleep on growth, covered with a piece of cotton and put a band-aid. Every three days the contents of the dressing changes. In three weeks the warts will disappear.

Aloe Vera in the fight against warts

There are several types of procedures with this medicinal herb:

  • During the week should be attached to verruca cut along a piece of sheet and fix it with plaster. It is important to change the leaves as often as possible.
  • You can add the Kalanchoe in the aloe juice in equal proportions and make a gauze compress on the affected skin. Should be changed 3-4 times a day.
  • The activity of the virus will help to reduce the consumption of the juice of the plant inside. Mix aloe with honey and lemon will strengthen immune system.
  • After medical operations to remove papillomas aloe Vera juice helps the skin to recover. It can lubricate the inflamed areas every two hours during the day.

Garlic and onions

Garlic cream is able to remove even the oldest warts. Medical ointment prepared as of children, and any moisturizer, with the addition of chopped large cloves of garlic.

  1. A thick layer of it is applied to the wart, fix the gauze wrap and tape.
  2. After 3 hours the dressing is removed and the skin washed with water.

If you experience discomfort and burning sensation during treatment should be interrupted. The method is contraindicated for sensitive skin. If the procedure does not cause discomfort, it is performed a week twice a day. After a three-day break, repeat the course.

The potatoes against papillomas

To cope with warts will help the potatoes pink varieties. A vegetable is milled the easy way and carefully squeeze the mixture. The pulp is used for poultices. It spread on papilloma and cover with a gauze wrap and band-aid. Two weeks night procedures rid of unwanted growths.

The affected area can be cleaned with a halved tuber. From vegetables make and tincture of young sprouts of potatoes mixed with vodka celandine and thuja branches. The mixture insist night and treat her warts.

Castor oil

Fatty acids oil is able to exfoliate dead skin. It does not irritate the dermis, and can be used on mucous areas of the body or intimate areas.

The damaged area of skin is treated with a cotton swab with the oil for 10 minutes. Allowed half-an-hour compresses. The effect will be visible only during daily treatment. Warm baths before the procedure will accelerate the healing process.

Hydrogen peroxide

The liquid is not able to kill the virus completely, but causes a rapid drying of the wart. Before using it you must test for an allergic reaction. A drop of peroxide on the dorsal side of the wrist should not cause redness and itching. Only in this case you can use it to procedures.

Papillomas can be treated 4-5 times a day with a cotton swab. Hydrogen peroxide is also used for compresses. They should be applied for 4 hours, and then need to replace the old pack with the new one. Wart must disappear in about a week.

Dermatologists recommend a combination of hydrogen peroxide with oak bark – as more effective and at the same time, more gentle recipe.

A half Cup of boiling water brewed the bark and leave for a day. Then the water is drained and add a tablespoon of antiseptic. The mixture was stored in the refrigerator. Treatment is carried out three times a day for 3 weeks in the form of compresses for 30 minutes. After the procedure the skin is rubbed with milk.


Iodine is not used in the mucous areas of the body and on the face, neck and intimate areas. They are treated with a holistic small warts, the form of growth does not matter.

The damaged area of the skin before treatment should be washed carefully with soap and water. The skin around the papilloma smear fat cream and cover with a cotton pad. You then need to apply to the verruca cotton swab with iodine for half a minute. From hanging built-up processing start with the legs.

Iodine can be alternated with green paint. The procedure is performed 3-4 times a day until the papilloma will not fall off. The effect will be positive only with regular treatment.

Onion peel

Bow has established itself as a good remedy for removing warts at home. A glass dish filled with husks, add vinegar. Infuse the mixture should be two weeks. This will suit dry and warm place, where no sunlight penetrates.

Then, the vinegar is decanted, and the husk is used for compresses. It fix with gauze and a band-aid on the papilloma and left overnight. In the morning cleanse the skin with water and apply the cream to prevent it from flaking and drying.

Dandelion against papillomas

The defects of the skin heals and ordinary dandelion. Its juice can act directly on the warts several times a day. To prepare the tincture of them take a convenient glass container and put in her flower heads. For the filling you can use any Cologne. Two weeks later, the mixture is decanted and lubricate it the affected skin.

You can make a drink from this flower celandine. Herbal mixture brewed with boiling water and insist half an hour. Then it is filtered, poured hot water and drink throughout the day.

Dandelion against papillomas


Vinegar essence is capable to burn a papilloma at the roots. Apple cider vinegar has a more mild effect. A tool to handle only the wart and avoid contact with healthy skin. Pure vinegar is not recommended.

There are a few recipes of therapeutic infusions with vinegar:

  • Vinegar with lemon. Cut fruit soak in the acid for 2 weeks. Then slices of lemon placed on the wart and secured with a bandage overnight.
  • Vinegar and flour. They stirred until thick and used for application to warts. After drying the mixture removed.
  • Vinegar and wood ash.
  • The vinegar and garlic. Cloves are marinated in malic acid and is applied to the excrescence.


Soap you must apply a thick layer at night. The growths should be treated daily for weeks. You can soak the gauze and apply to the damaged areas.


Kerosene for the treatment of papillomas used in conjunction with green walnuts. They pour the crushed young core and leave it for 2-3 weeks. After pumping the resulting press cake is used for the treatment of growths. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator.

Adhesive tape

It is an affordable tool you can buy yourself at your local pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. It is able to remove the top part of a small papilloma, but leave the root. It might mean in the future of the new entity at the same place.

At home you can easily remove pappiloma using the patch from the pharmacy

Doctors do not recommend to use tape on the mucous membranes of the body, in areas of the face, especially during pregnancy.

The patch contains salicylic acid, which corrodes the papilloma. The combination of this treatment with the intake of immune-boosting and antiviral drugs helps to speed up the process of getting rid of tumors.

Before beginning the procedure it is important to steam and clean the selected area of skin. A piece of adhesive tape cut strictly according to the size of the papillomas and put on 5 days. During this period, wet the treated area is impossible. Carrying out of repeated procedures, if the tumor did not disappear after the initial treatment.

Pharmacy tools

A wide variety of means to remove papillomas at home are offered and in pharmacies. They are dispensed as a prescription, and without them.