How is warts treated with folk remedies?

Effective treatment of warts with folk remedies is possible if the recommendations of a dermatologist are followed and only after examination by a doctor. Benign skin growths can appear on the arms, legs, and all over the body, depending on where the human papillomavirus (HPV) has entered.

Treatment of flat and plantar coarse outgrowths occurs in different ways, which is determined by their structure and factors affecting the skin. Let's analyze the most common types of warts on the human body and methods for their effective home treatment.

Types of warts

In total, there are more than 10 types of skin outgrowths, they can be benign or originate from malignant cells. When there is a malignant process, the formation will only be the result of tumor growth, and its treatment will be ineffective and even harmful.

how to get rid of a wart on the skin

Therefore, it is rational to consider the treatment of exclusively benign formations on the hands, face, mucous membranes and legs, which do not harm health, but bring considerable discomfort to a person.

  1. Warts on the face, hands, neck are flat outgrowths, their treatment with folk remedies is based on the principle of cauterization with solutions prepared at home or ready-made products purchased at a pharmacy. A feature of flat warts is their appearance on sensitive areas of the skin - neck, face, hands. Therefore, they need to be removed only with proven and gentle means that will not leave marks on the skin after the outgrowth disappears. To do this, you can use plant oils and juices, homemade tinctures based on natural plants, as well as safe pharmacy ointments.
  2. wart on the eyelid how to remove
  3. Coarse plantar warts are outgrowths on the legs that coarsen over time and are harder to remove. To remove them, more aggressive agents are used - juices of poisonous plants, pharmaceutical preparations based on nitrogen and acid.
  4. Condylomas on the mucous membrane - this type of warts has a viral etiology, therefore treatment with folk remedies can only act as an addition to the main therapy.

Advice!You can determine the type of education yourself, but for the sake of safety, it is better to visit a dermatologist. This will allow you not only to make sure of the correct self-diagnosis, but also to find out which folk recipes will be most effective.

Popular recipes for flat warts

To get rid of flat outgrowths on the hands will help such products as garlic juice, magnesia, potatoes, an ear of bread and many other natural plants, the action of which is to cauterize, dry and stop the growth of the wart.

garlic treatment for wart on the arm
  • Garlic juice- effective alternative treatment of skin outgrowths on the hands. To do this, you need to take a clove of garlic and rub it into the previously treated skin area. You can treat the wart with a solution of hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, and rub in the garlic when the skin is dry.
  • Grain ear- this method has no medical justification, but is popularly used. If you pierce a wart with a straw and then put this straw back, you can determine by its growth whether the wart will fall off on its own. When the ear starts to rot in a few days, it means that the wart will soon disappear. But still, let's return to the more reasonable methods of alternative treatment.
  • Green apple- cut into two parts and rub the warts with these lobes. You can repeat this every day, malic acid will negatively affect the growth of education and stop it.
  • ice cubes for wart treatment
  • Ice removal- this method is based on freezing the wart with ice. You need to attach a piece of ice wrapped in a napkin, hold it in place of the wart until you notice severe soreness. Regular repetition of such a procedure (several times every day) will lead to the death of the formation and the wart on the hands or face will disappear.

Advice!During home treatment, you need to monitor the integrity of the outgrowth, in no case should it be torn or punctured with non-sterile needles. Infection may occur, and then you will have to be treated not at home, but in stationary conditions and under the supervision of several doctors at once.

Recipes to remove hardened warts

The easiest way for IDPs to get into is injuries on the feet. This happens when walking on bare feet, in public places where direct contact of the body with other people or surfaces is likely - beaches, swimming pools, baths.

When the virus enters the damaged foot, that is, it comes into contact with open wounds, it leaves behind a trail in the same place in the form of a wart. At first it is small, like a corn, but constant rubbing with shoes leads to its coarsening, and such warts are called plantar warts. They look like calluses, and therefore are often eliminated in the wrong ways. Consider how to eliminate coarse outgrowth on the sole with folk remedies.

Stages of removing rough plantar outgrowths:

  1. First you need to get rid of the surface dead crust as much as possible. You can completely exfoliate the growth with the help of catalytic substances that will provoke rapid keratolysis. These substances include salicylic and other acids.
  2. At the second stage, you need to act directly on the body of the wart. To do this, freeze the outgrowth with ice, cauterize with celandine juice or other strong substances that traditional medicine offers.
  3. The final stage is the restoration of the skin, excluding the formation of scars and damage to adjacent areas. It is necessary to do lotions, baths, compresses both during the treatment process and for some time after it.

Advice!When the treatment reaches the last stage, you need to make sure that the tissues under the wart are intact, that the skin of the foot is adequately sensitive and that there are no side effects of the chosen removal method.

Features of folk treatment of skin outgrowths

Home treatment, that is, self-medication, is a risk both for your own health and for those around you. What you need to remember when starting to remove skin outgrowths with folk remedies?

  1. The wart may not be who it claims to be - it may be a manifestation of melanoma or a serious internal illness.
  2. A chemical burn is not the most harmless injury.
  3. In children, allergic reactions are very difficult - conjunctivitis, otitis media, rhinitis, Quincke's edema.
  4. Most of the plants used for home treatments have poisonous sap. You need to know how to handle them.
  5. There is no single correct option for removing a wart, you always need to observe regularity and an integrated approach.

Flat or plantar warts can be easily removed with folk remedies, but only when they first appear. It happens that an outgrowth on the skin is only a symptom of a more serious systemic disorder, and it will be possible to get rid of it only after the underlying problem is eliminated.