Removing warts is a necessary measure, since neoplasms can bring discomfort to a person and look ugly on the skin. Although these formations do not itch and most often do not hurt, they are of viral origin, as a result of which they can easily spread throughout the human body. This is why many doctors recommend removing warts. For this, a specialist selects the most suitable method.

Causes of warts

Warts are growths on the epidermis, their parameters range from 1 millimeter to 1 centimeter. The cause of the appearance of a wart on the epithelium is the papillomavirus, which becomes infected during contact with the carrier of the virus.

Sometimes a person can independently contribute to the spread of infection on their skin, for example, if they use the same shaving razor or a towel. Such infection in medicine is called autoinoculation.

Warts or warts with sharp ends are most often located in the genital area, so they can only be "picked up" during intercourse.

It is possible to become infected with the virus if a person has abrasions or wounds on the skin. After the papillomavirus enters the skin, it moves to the cell nucleus, where the multiplication process begins. If a person has strong immunity, then the cells that are susceptible to infection are destroyed. Otherwise, nearby cells become infected and warts appear on the epidermis.

Types of warts

Papules are of several types: common, flat, plantar, and pointed. Common neoplasms appear regardless of the age group of a person. According to statistics, about 70% of children fall ill with the virus. The site of localization of growths is the back of the hands and the skin between the fingers. Sometimes warts appear on the face, near the lips and on the palms.

causes of warts

Rounded formations can grow up to 1 cm above the epithelium level. The color of the papules is similar to the color of healthy skin, which is why they are difficult to notice at an early stage of the disease. If the formation has been on the skin for a long time, other small growths will form near it. To get rid of papules, you should remove the maternal wart, in this case, small neoplasms will have nothing to eat from and they will also disappear.

Flat papillomas occur in 4% of people on the planet. They are round and polygonal with a flat, smooth surface. The shade of the warts is pale pink, and they practically do not rise above the level of the skin. Localized on the back of the arms, neck, face, chest. Sometimes found near the genitals in men and women.

Plantar papules are found on the soles of the feet. They have a rough surface and are somewhat similar to growths that have merged together. A feature of these warts is painful sensations during their palpation. Also, plantar papules bring a feeling of discomfort when walking.

Warts with pointed ends cause pain and discomfort in humans. They are located on the skin that connects to the mucous membranes: around the lips, in the anus, near the urethra, near the external intimate organs and on the conjunctiva.

Warts grow in clusters and look like cauliflower or rooster comb. Quite often, the growths crack and open the way for various infections. In order to avoid serious illness, you should consider removing the warts.

When should you remove a wart?

Many of the warts do not interfere with a person's life, so no one is in a hurry to see a doctor. With a pronounced cosmetic defect, infectious infection of other areas of the epithelium, large parameters of growths, intense growth of papules, changes in color and shade, painful sensations when walking and palpation of papillomas, bleeding from the papules, the alarm should be sounded.

Wart excision techniques:

  • electrocoagulation;
  • radio wave removal;
  • removal with liquid nitrogen (cryodestruction);
  • laser removal;
  • surgical intervention;
  • chemotherapy.

Alternative methods and combined monotherapy also help to get rid of genital warts.

Doctors treat warts with cytotoxic drugs and immunostimulating medications.

Features of electrocautery of warts

removal of warts by hardware methods

The procedure in which a specialist uses an electrocoagulator is considered one of the safest and most effective. The papule is cauterized with a special electrode, which is heated to a very high temperature under the influence of high-frequency current. After the operation, a dry scab (crust) forms at the excision site, which disappears by itself after 10-14 days.

The manipulation is performed under local anesthesia, so the patient does not feel pain and discomfort. The maximum that the patient can feel during the operation is a slight tingling sensation in the area to be removed. After electrocoagulation, the patient does not have scars or scars at the wound site. Complete healing of the skin takes about 2 weeks.

The essence of radio wave removal

This technique began to be used by doctors relatively recently and has established itself as effective and safe. For excision of a skin formation using radio waves, a specialist uses special devices. Their peculiarity is that they emit radio waves at a frequency of 3. 8 to 4 MHz.

The technology allows to excise pathological growths without contacting the epidermis. During the procedure, not only the top layer of the skin is removed, but also the root of the condyloma. The patient does not experience pain during the manipulation. After surgery, no scars or scars remain on the epithelium. The removed material can be sent for additional histological studies to find out if the growth was benign or malignant.

About cryodestruction

Liquid Nitrogen Wart Removal is popular because it is effective and safe. Cryodestruction allows you to excise even plantar papillomas without the risk of bleeding and infection.

If the mass has small parameters, it can be removed in one manipulation, and if it is large and with a deep root, then, most likely, the patient will need to go to the operation twice.

After removal with liquid nitrogen, a scab appears at the site of the papule, which disappears after 1. 5-2 weeks, and a new pinkish skin remains in its place. The disadvantages of the technology are the formation of small scars and scars on the epithelium, and due to the inexperience of the doctor, there is a risk of not completely removing the growth.

Laser Removal

laser wart removal

Excision of papillomas with a laser has a number of advantages: painlessness of the operation, no defects remain on the skin in the form of scars and scars, no special wound care is required, the scab is detached from the epidermis 3-4 days after the manipulation.

This procedure is characterized by laser blocking of microscopic vessels in the wart area, so the operation is as bloodless as possible. Re-formation of condyloma is impossible, since the intervention is carried out with sterile equipment. The specialist sends the removed tissue for histological examination.

Surgery and chemotherapy

Surgical help is needed if the neoplasm is large. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. The technique is considered traumatic, and after it defects remain on the skin. With surgical excision, there is a high probability of re-entry of the papillomavirus into the blood.

Sometimes the methods of removing pointed and flat papules are not as effective as we would like, therefore, in order to get rid of the defect, acid solutions or special medicines are used. The duration of chemotherapy is at least six procedures.

The solution is applied pointwise to the growths, then after a certain period of time the drugs are washed off. In order to avoid allergies or burns, therapy is carried out under the strict supervision of a doctor.

Removing warts using folk methods

In folk medicine, there are many ways to help get rid of warts once and for all. Some methods really help, others can, on the contrary, exacerbate the problem.

The popular recommendation is to rub the neoplasm with fresh garlic every day until it falls off. People also take magnesium (powder). The powder should be consumed daily at a dosage of 5 grams.

The method using celandine is quite effective. Twice a day it is necessary to lubricate the growth with celandine juice. The procedure is carried out until the papules detach from the skin by themselves.

Another popular way is to freeze condyloma. Every day you need to apply artificial ice cubes to the wart and keep for 5-10 minutes. After several such sessions, the build-up will disappear.

An aggressive method of removing a wart in folk medicine is burning papules with acetic acid.

Every day, 1 drop of acid should be dripped onto the skin infected with papillomavirus, and over time, the pathological formation will disappear. Do not apply more than 1 drop to the epithelium, because irritation or an allergic reaction will occur.

You should be very careful with unconventional methods, as they are not a guarantee that a person will get rid of the problem.

If home procedures do not help remove the tumor on your own, you should seek qualified medical help from a dermatologist or surgeon.